May 10, 2016

Tina Knowles Lemonade

NEW BEYONCE ALBUM The internet is STILL talking about Beyonce's critically acclaimed "Lemonade."Every scene and every lyric has been dissected. (BTW, we're DETERMINED to put to rest the "Who Is Becky?" speculation!) Hot on the heels of the album release and Formation World Tour launch, ABC13 Houston got an exclusive sit-down interview with Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles-Lawson aka Miss Tina.


Knowles-Lawson tells ABC13, "People make it all about the cheating and betrayal and, yes, that's a part of it because that is something you have to heal from," Tina Knowles-Lawson said of Beyonce's creation. "If you really listen to the poetry it is one of hope and redemption and hopefully that can be healing for people."


Through poetry, song, and visual imagery (some of it personal Beyonce home movies) "Lemonade" tackles depression, Jay z's alleged infidelity and the superstar's struggle to save her family. Miss Tina says the HBO film "could be about anyone's marriage." Knowles-Lawson goes on to say, "I think that everybody at one time or another has been betrayed and lied to and it's about the pain--and it's about the healing process--and it's about how do you get past that and move on." Knowles-Lawson went through her own marital strife after a very public break-up with Beyonce's father and former manager Mathew Knowles. Mathew's rumored infidelities and two children out of wedlock became tabloid fodder. The couple divorced in 2011. Tina says it was her children who helped her get through that very difficult time. "I remember my first little pity part and I called them crying and you know, they all came," she recalled. "We had a slumber party, we watched old movies all night and ate ice cream--it was very healing." Knowles-Lawson has since remarried to actor Richard Lawson. "My children are my rock and they are," she said. "Its just been the best gift god could have given me."



Beyonces Mom Lemonade